LA Lipo: Sculpting You A Sleek and Slimshaped Chin Northampton

Your physical appearance affects your self-confidence, social interaction and even your personality. Your face is the first thing people notice. A fat face can chip away at your ego, dull your beauty and make you want to hide from the world.

Panic no more. We at LA Lipo offer you quick rescue in terms of reducing excess fat in the face and chin, so you can reclaim your ego and face the world with confidence.

We are the UK’s Premier Cryolipolysis service providers offering you non-invasive and painless treatment that ensures you lose excess fat in your face.

Our treatment provides you with a friendly alternative to liposuction and you can be assured that your face or chin will look attractive after the treatment.

Fat cells are more easily damaged by cold temperatures than skins cells. When exposed to low temperature under controlled conditions, the fat cells are damaged while your useful skin cells remain intact.

With cryolipolysis, all we do is subject your face and chin to low temperature via thermal conduction.

No need for painful procedures, anaesthesia or needles. Our Cryolipolysis procedure, all you are reliable results without skin damage or facial deformation. In fact, your face texture and shape is more enhanced than before!

With our Cryolipolysis machines being among the best brands in the industry, we assure you fast results in a safe and more effective manner than you would ever imagine.

You are assured of losing up to 20% of fat in your face and chin within the first six weeks after only a single Cryolipolysis session. And, even better, there is no recovery time after your appointment!

Our staff members are best trained and insured to make sure that all goes well with your chin.

We also offer competitive rates to our clients. All we stress on is a shiny, sleek facial appearance at affordable costs.

I had been following a strict fitness regime and was always watching the diet I was taking. However, my love handles did not disappear. I was then introduced to LA Lipo by a friend who had a successful fat reduction procedure. My excess fat problems are now over. - Fran

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